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Tony Scheuren's album 'Gaining on You' and Barbeque Bob Maglinte's 'Live at The Waterfront' are now both available in the Wham Records store!

Tony Scheuren - gaining on you

Overcoming primitive conditions and using only the most basic equipment Tony's original self-engineered analog recordings range in sound from gorgeous to stark. Though these songs were intended originally as demos, due to Tony's uncompromising nature these self-produced efforts do not sound like artifacts - they live and breath, modern in their timelessness - and virtually beg for discerning ears. Though much of its beauty lies in its simplicity, his arranging skills and virtuosity with the four-track recorder enabled him to construct subtle layers of instruments and vocals to be enjoyed by those who wish to delve deep between the grooves, sure to bear pleasure again and again with repeated listening.

"Like every great artist, he has left us with a landmark to his heart, soul and spirit." - Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

This is a recording that instantly stirs the emotions. Beautifully structured, and passionately written from different perspectives - a timeless microcosmic picture is provided of longing, living, loss, and acquired wisdom through experience. Ranging from breakneck to breathtaking full-band arrangements to heart-warming, whisper-close solitary acoustic piano or guitar accompaniments, the styles interact to create a truly distinctive album, unfolding as a conversation. Sparse or complex an end result is often reminiscent of a cinematic experience. The accompaniments set up the lyrics and underlie the melodies very intentionally, whether in a earthy way, or at other times more pristine. Nothing glib, nothing offhand. Every stroke is deliberate, purposely chosen and deeply felt, provoking images as the song is accurately and compassionately conveyed heart to heart.

  • Scheuren single-handedly created these pearls - with his talents and impeccable voice of range and ability - it's a no gimmick approach.
  • Posthumous release. Tony died at the age of 45.
  • Comparisons from James Taylor to Rosie Thomas; Brian Wilson to Sondre Lerche; Nick Drake to Townes Van Zandt, Carole King to Ron Sexsmith.
  • Frequent contributor to National Lampoon Radio Hour; songwriter/performer of Neil Young parody "Southern California Brings Me Down"

"The amazing thing about 'Gaining on You' is that Mr. Scheuren doesn't just recapitulate, but resurrects the style of 70's country-pop and pop-rock - he ups the ante at every turn." Phil Rogers (read the full review)

"Through his family's efforts, Tony Scheuren may find his place as another fabled musical archetype, the creative artist more recognized in death than in life." Matt Whorf, The Hingham Journal (read the full review)

"Gaining On You proves once again that obscurity doesn't necessarily obscure true talent, and that the fears of the artist towards his or her muse might be the only thing holding them back from deserved greatness." Joseph Kyle (read the full review)

Whatever song you start with this CD takes off from there and rolls along the best Americana highway of rock, pop, folk, backporch, and heavenly. Each song illuminates the next with character, inviting listeners of all ages. A few songs with spiritual connotations, while powerful, are soothing and reassuring. Sensitive to magic you want to share. The first of an eventual four releases, making available all of Scheuren's self-produced recordings, this promises to be a deep well of refreshing, life-giving music.



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